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Sunday  June 1, 2014     10am - 4pm
HOLIDAY INN @ 87th & I-35
8787 Reeder St, Overland Park, KS
Special Guest artist: TBA

...and SKETCH BOXES by Mario Mora

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APRIL 13, 2014 - KC FAN CON #40

Weeeee!  Another first for a small Fancon. Five! Count 'em!  Five comic creators at one small convention.  One of our biggest supporters over the last 8 years, Mr. JEREMY HAUN, was gracious enough to come and appear the show.  He's currently doing interiors on BATWOMAN, and is knocking those books out of the park!  We also had four very talented self-publishers who write and draw and publish their own comics.  MARIO MORA who creates his book PAGAN ZEOTROPE (and does the exclusive FANCON Sketch Boxes), NICK PERRY of Redlegger Studios, BILL HOOK of 86'd Studios, both of which are currently creating the EIGHT-SIXED Anthology.  We also had rising star KELSEY WROTEN who is master over the JUKEBOX COMIX empire.  Examples of all of their work can be seen and linked-to from the images below.  Attendance was down a bit from last August, but very close.  We had a total of 396 come out for the show (413 last Aug.)  Not bad, considering it's only been a month since Planet Comicon.  We also wanted to welcome our new exhibitors Ron, Andy, Jenna, and William to the KC FANCON family.  We hope you liked the show, and want to return to sell more stuff in June.
NEXT UP:  KC FANCON #41 on June 1, 2014.  Same time, same place!  See you all there!

Artwork below Jeremy Haun 
Artwork below Bill Hook Artwork below Nick Perry
Artwork below Kelsey Wroten
Artwork below Mario Mora

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