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September 30, 2006 Table Pricing Information

 Comic Book & Toy Convention

Douglas County Fairgrounds, Bldg. #21, 2110 Harper, Lawrence, Kansas
Floor layout is shown below.  Tables will be sold individually or in groups.  As these tables are sold, their links will be removed from the diagram.  If you cannot click on the table or group, then it is not available.

Tables will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  Individual table space purchased before September 16 will cost $25 per 8-foot table.  Table space purchased after September 16 will cost $30 per 8-foot table.  Discounts apply for 3 or more tables.


All tables are now
for the Free State FreeCon!

To pay for a table or group of tables

Register first (if you have not done so) and then simply click on your choice of table or group (to the right of the floor diagram).  A new window will appear with a "Buy Now" button, which will take you to PayPal to finalize your payment.
    Single 8' Tables - $25 each - 8 feet of table space

  Table S1   Table S2   Table S3   Table S4

  Table S5   Table S6   Table S7   Table S8

  Strikethrough designates that table has sold.

    Two 8' Tables - $50 total - 16 feet of table space

  Group FW2   Group D1   Group D2   Group D3   Group D4

  Strikethrough designates that table group has sold.

    Three 8' Tables - $75 total - 24 feet of table space

  Group F1-3   Group F2-3    Group F3-3   Group F4-3

  Group M1-3   Group M2-3   Group M3-3   Group M4-3

  Group RG3   Group RG4   Group FE3

  Strikethrough designates that table group has sold.

    Four 8' Tables - $100 total - 32 feet of table space

  Group FW4   Group RG1   Group RG2   Group RW1

  Strikethrough designates that table group has sold.

NOTE about Table Reservations:  I will be checking and updating this site every day, in the evenings.  There is a small possibility that 2 or more parties could book the same table or groups of tables on the same day.  Should this problem arise, I will sell the table/s to whomever paid for them first.  Then, I will contact the party who did NOT get the table/s and see if they would like an alternate table or group.  Therefore, it is very important that I have all of your contact information, including telephone contact info.  In the event that something like this happens, and cannot be resolved, a full refund will be issued through PayPal.

REFUND POLICYTables fees may be returned up to one week before any given show, upon written email notification of the need to cancel.  A six percent table cancellation charge will be taken from the original table fee.  If a refund is sent via PayPal, kcfancon.com will not be responsible for reimbursement of any PayPal fees.